Would you like the BEST JOB in the world??





This is my friend Allan… being crazy. As usual. 

He is in the running to win his DREAM JOB. Actually it’s not just his dream job…but also the dream job of 45,000 other people who applied for the same job of Outback Adventurer in the Australian Outback. Luckily for Allan, he beat off the other 44,975 other applicants, and is in the FINAL 25!

Lucky git.

So, why am I bothering all of you?? Well, you can help him to WIN! He is SO close and he needs YOUR help to get a little bit closer to landing THE WORLDS BEST JOB. I hear you, I hear you. “But I live in South Africa, I can’t help him.”  Or “We’re all the way over in America and he’s in Ireland, we can’t be of any help.” FRET NOT! All you need to do, from the comfort of your own couch/desk/bed is to follow the instructions below…


dixon down under


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