Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

I have decided I’m going to start participating in the ‘Weekly Photo Challenge’ to ensure I update my blog on a regular basis! This is my first attempt so forgive me if I’m doing it wrong! As far as I’m aware the challenge is to post 2 photographs of the same shot, but taken at different angles. I have chosen 6 different photos, so 3 sets of shots.

The first set is the view from the plane while flying to Bali. These were taken at 6am as the sun was rising over China. At first I looked straight out and immediately snapped a pic of the sunrise as it was turning the sky all sorts of wonderful colors. I then looked down and was amazed by all the lights of the city below. I have no idea what city it was…but somewhere in China anyway!

sun rising china




The second set of photographs is from the rice paddies in Bali. I saw this man working very hard walking back and forth with this huge bucket on his shoulder. I was actually on a cycling tour so snapped these pics quickly as we were passing by.



bali rice paddies

The third set is from a Helipad on top of an office block in Kuala Lumpur. This place was amazing and I must have taken 20 photos of the same thing, from all different angles, trying to make it look ‘edgy’! These were 2 of my favorites from the shoot.


DSC05423 DSC05428

Let me know what you think, and I look forward to checking out other peoples photos!


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