Samsung SOS Island – Win a private island!

Fancy winning your own private island in the Carribean? Fancy spending a few weeks in paradise, battling it out with 16 other contestants and learning survival techniques from ‘SurvivorMan Les Stroud? Oh, and you also get a Samsung Galaxy S4 and and an amazing Samsung Zoom Camera!

Below is my somewhat rushed attempt to put together a video for the second round of the competition, and while I do cringe a little seeing myself on camera, and wish it wasn’t so dark at times, I think it’s not a bad entry at the end of the day! You can view my competitors by searching “Samsung SOS island” in YouTube!

What are you waiting for?? This is the LAST day you can enter. GO, GO , GO!!


4 thoughts on “Samsung SOS Island – Win a private island!

  1. Sorry, I just saw this post or I would have voted you on the island. What a cool video! You did a great job. My family has a quest of visiting every island in the Caribbean. So when you get this I hope we can visit! Good Luck!

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