From Morgues To Music Shops – A Look at Dublin’s Most Unique Pubs

A post I wrote on my sister site, Your Irish Adventure, about some of Dublin’s more unique pubs. Definitely worth a read!

Your Irish Adventure

13. The Market Bar 


So, most people in Dublin think they know the history behind this bar. Most people presume it used to be a Market and thus the name. Most people in Dublin are wrong! The truth about this one might surprise you, and will most likely gross you out a little. Those tall ceilings, and huge open plan floor space were built that way for a reason. The Market Mar, one of Dublin’s most loved and happening haunts, used to be a pig abattoir. That’s right, a place were they slaughtered 1,000’s of pigs. Think about that next time you are in there enjoying a nice plate of smoked chorizo.

Address: 14A Fade Street, Dublin 2

12. The Brazen Head 


The Brazen Head boasts that it is Ireland’s oldest pub, dating all the way back to a coach house on the site in 1198.While it is unclear how much…

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