12 Reasons Kilkenny is Ireland’s Best City

This post got over 4,000 shares on my Sister site. I guess the people of Kilkenny are very proud of their city!

Adventure awaits.

Kilkenny is Ireland’s medieval capital, steeped in heritage, culture and the home to master crafts and brewing. In fact, so famous is Kilkenny as a master brewing destination that Lonely Planet listed the Smithwick’s Experience as one of the ‘Top 26 Hottest Attractions’ to visit in 2015!

But Kilkenny also has a lot more going for it….besides being home to one of the oldest castle’s in Ireland and some pretty darn good beer, that is. Below we look at 12 reasons why Kilkenny might just be the best little city in Ireland.

12. The Shopping

Kilkenny is famous for it’s incredible shopping, with tourists flocking there in their droves. Think tiny boutiques where you can find anything from a hand-knitted scarf to your perfect wedding dress. Think of shopping centres full of high street fashion to small design centers featuring many of Ireland’s top designers. Be it high-end fashion…

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