Solo Travel As A Woman: How To Stay Safe

As I have written a lot about solo travel recently, I thought it would be nice to share some other people’s take on the ups and downs of life on the road.


When I headed out for my first solo backpacking trip at 19 all of my friends and family were terrified for my safety. To this day- my mom still gets questions from concerned loved ones.

“Where is your daughter again?”

“I would never let my daughter go there alone.”

“Aren’t you worried about her?”

Especially as Americans,many of us have the mentality that everywhere else is much less safe than the good ol’ United States.

However…how true is that? There are horror stories of travelers abroad to make even the bravest traveler wary. When women are treated violently or kidnapped it infuriates and scares me.  When I look back on my solo travels I definitely wasn’t as safe as I could/should have been. Then again-nothing bad happened to me- nor to anyone I met.

Solo travel as a woman is not easy…but living as a woman alone is not easy either…

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