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Ankgor Wat Sunrise ~ Cambodia

14 Jan

Watching the sunrise over the ancient temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia is something that sits firmly at the top of many seasoned travelers bucket lists.

I am lucky enough to be able to say that the first sunrise I saw in 2014, that big glowing ball of fire, slowly rising into the sky, was at Angkor Wat and it was one of the most incredible moments.

Sure I had to fight off a few 100 other people to get that ‘perfect picture’ and within moments of arriving at the temple grounds was pestered by coffee shop owners who go by the name of Harry Potter and Rambo(!!) to come to their cafe for breakfast “whenever Im ready” but nothing could take away the beauty and serenity of that perfect sunrise.

I will write later, in detail, about the best sights, smells and sticky situations we got ourselves into while traveling around Cambodia, but for now I leave you with these photos of a very special morning in Siem Reap.






Asia’s Largest Bird Park

22 Jul

After a few days in KL I was running out of sights to see and activities to do. I had heard about the Bird Park but wasn’t sure if I was that bothered forking out 40 Rinngit to see some birds in cages. In the end I teamed up with another traveller from Prague and we set off to the Botanical Gardens. On arrival we decided we may as well see the Bird Park now that we were so close.

It was actually money really well spent. We wandered around the HUGE park for about 2 hours, and after a while we totally forgot we were actually in an enclosure. The area is so large and the nets are so high up, with trees and plants and flowers obscuring the view skywards, that it is actually quite easy to forget where you are. While some of the rarer birds, and the more aggressive ones, are kept in large cages, the majority appear to be walking, hopping and flying around at their leisure.

The tourists that we were, we decided to get our photo taken with some of these larger birds in the “photo booth”, of which you can see the results below. There is also a snack shop, a cafe and a large souvenir shop…but we didn’t waste much time or money in these.

If you have more than 3 days in Kuala Lumpur, or if you are there with Children, I would highly recommend a trip to the Bird Park. Pleasant way to kill an afternoon, only minutes from the city.



fruit bird food

blue peacock

owl sleeping


cute colorful parrot

feeding parrotts


pelican on table

flamingos pink

The Cliffs of Moher

19 May

When the sun is shining and the grass is green…there is no place I would rather be than Ireland!

cliffs of moher

cliffs of moher

cliffs of moher



cliffs of moher ireland

cliffs moher ireland

Portraits of Calcutta

8 Apr

Just thought I would share some photos I took while visiting Calcutta (now known as Kolkata) in March. Nearly everyone I photographed had such striking beauty, such big, beautiful eyes and were dressed in a rainbow of colour that would brighten up the dullest day.

Many of their circumstances were awful, living in slums or on the street, surviving on less that €1 a day. And yet they power on through, so resilient, so dignified, so grateful for the smallest things such as getting to see themselves in a photograph. I will never forget these people, and hope that these photos will help, even just a little, to inspire others to keep them in their thoughts too.

indian child calcutta

women cooking slums india

boy with alphabet abacus

street shop calcutta india

street and slum children

children dancing india

old woman calcutta

Colourful Calcutta – Celebrating Holi

1 Apr

On my recent, and first ever, trip to India I had the amazing opportunity to celebrate Holi (Festival of Colours) in Calcutta. Attending Holi Festival is something that has always been a dream of mine and was most definitely a top priority item on my never-ending bucket list!!

I guess when I dreamed up my idea of celebrating Holi, it would be on the streets of some big Indian city, surrounded my 1,000’s of strangers, who would all be throwing colour up in the air, shouting and singing and celebrating. My actual experience was quite different. As we were visiting The Hope Foundation’s projects, we were told we would be celebrating Holi in one of HOPE’s protection homes for young girls who have been rescued from the streets. This made the day SO much more special than being in the street with strangers. The girls were so sweet, and as we had spent a few hours playing and dancing with them a few days earlier, the ice had been broken and we were already the best of friends!

At first Pushba, the house-mother in charge of all the girls and their carers, warned them to treat us foreigners ‘delicately’ and not to cover us too much in the dye. We immediately protested this and said “Do what you want! Let them destroy us if they wish…This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us.” When the house-mother translated this to the kids, that they would have a free rein on the dye, they all cheered loudly, their eyes sparkling with excitement.

We were all brought outside the main entrance to the home, music was turned on, trays of coloured dye were distributed, and soon the colourful madness and cries of “HAPPY HOLI” were to be heard up and down the street. All the kids were given water pistols, big buckets of water and ample supply of multi coloured dye, which they proceeded to cover us in, much to our delight and the delight of many onlookers!!

I hope these photos I took do the day justice and really convey the happiness exuded my all; the joy, the delight, the smiles, the laughter and the amazing friendships bound together by this great Hindu Festival of Colour, welcoming Spring and bidding farewell to Summer!

Colour me beautiful!

Colour me beautiful!

Paint, coming at you!!

Paint, coming at you!!

Happy, smiling faces

Happy, smiling faces

A smile that would melt your heart

A smile that would melt your heart

Happy Holi!

Happy Holi!

Volunteer Niamh enjoying Holi

Volunteer Niamh enjoying Holi

All smiles!

All smiles!

Another volunteer enjoying the Holi celebrations!

Another volunteer enjoying the Holi celebrations!

Kasba Girls enjoying Holi

Kasba Girls enjoying Holi

Me and some of the girls from Kasba enjoying Holi celebrations!

Me and some of the girls from Kasba enjoying Holi celebrations!

Nobody escaped - even the poor bus drivers turned green!!

Nobody escaped – even the poor bus drivers turned green!!

Hands in - the aftermath of the red dye!

Hands in – the aftermath of the red dye!

A beautiful smile, a beautiful day!

A beautiful smile, a beautiful day!

Action shot!

Action shot!

Group shot!

Group shot!

Sunsets – Warming up the Irish Winter

10 Dec

cobh sunset

cork sunset

Birds at sunset

Sand, Smiles and Sore Feet

10 Nov

Sorry I have been missing in action from my blog for a few months now, but I have been VERY busy and still am. I am working full-time for an amazing organization called ‘The Hope Foundation” and have also been working hard to get my Masters thesis finished. I also managed to fit in a weekend away in London and just under a month in Northern Kenya, doing field research.

Here are some photos I took while staying in the town of Lodwar, in Central Turkana, where temperatures reach up to 39’c on a daily basis, the climate is harsh and the landscape is desert like. Water is scarce, sanitation facilities are non existent and Life is all  about survival. When I have more time I will share with you my stories are heart ache, horror, compassion and hope, but for now here are some photos of the amazingly beautiful children I befriended on my journey.

The Deck of Cards

14 Aug

Last weekend I had 3 friends visiting from Holland and brought them to colorful Cobh for the day. On of my favorite things about Cobh is the ‘Deck of Cards’, a row of beautifully painting houses stacked up on a hill overlooking the town below. With the stunning St Colman’s Cathedral perched on a hill behind them, the houses make for some pretty amazing photos.

What do you think , fancy living here?

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.

23 Jul

Some photos from my Cousin Caroline’s Wedding last weekend.

My beautiful family!

My Sister, Aoife the Flower Girl and Moi!


Drive on James!!


With the beautiful bride


Caroline on her big day

The happy couple in Mums garden!


Kiss time!

Running away!

Farmers daughters!

Cake time!



Twinkling Twilight in Tbilisi

30 May

Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, is far from the most exciting city in the world, full of honking horns, construction work and debilitating post-soviet flats. However, at night all this changes, and the city comes alive with twinkling fairytale lights and becomes pure magic!

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