Guest Post: Love sick or Puppy Love

Guest post written by my friend Kieran from The Long Acre Blog! 🙂
So, of recent weeks, a change has come over me. A change we can believe in? Perhaps!
Was i hungry? No. Tired? No. You been eating too much sugar again, kid? No, no, but maybe yes and no…
Could you call it love? Hmm, getting warm maybe… Because that’s almost certainly what it felt like, to me anyways. Let me explain.
It all started on a boat cruise I went on a few months ago. I thought it was a ‘masquerade’ boat party  because that’s what i was told.
However, after wandering about the fellow revelers, I thought,
‘This is the strangest bunch of people I could imagine for a boat party!’
You see there were young and old people, thin and rather large folks, quite odd, there didn’t seem to be any genre.
At one point an elderly woman stood up and was somewhat transformed into a vibrant, strong-willed, determined young woman and started summoning down the gods. This got my attention, things were starting to get interesting. The night was looking up.
To cut a long story shorter, a Tarot card reader gave me her business card and told me to come see her, she had something important to tell me. 
Hmmm, interesting.
A few days later, me, being the tripper that I am (and I still am, truth be told) decided i would go see her, to continue the experience, to see what would happen and finish the trip. Somehow I felt like I was supposed to be there, all the other’s had a special invite, so I just tagged along with a friend. It was very random indeed!
And the future in relation to love that was foretold was this… 
  • I need to master relationships – this is all I need to do
  • I have a girl coming. I would meet her soon, we would move in in 2013 and have a baby daughter.
  • I go overseas with this girl, but I need to be specific with what I want.
  • I connect with someone that’s independent and that’s happy to see me “doing my thing”.
  • When I met this girl, I would know that she is the one, there would be no doubt in my mind.
  • This girl loves gardening.
Sound good? I mean what could be bad about that?!
So about a month ago, there was a group, drinks on Friday, great! In the city, not so great, but in a bar I’ve always wanted to go to with a big group of people, great, so i went!
So, I met this girl, got her number, been texting her, things went well, went out a few times, she went away for a few weeks, that’s ok, no problems there and I went to see her to cook for her and her housemates and then I realise…
This chick has:
  •  About 1% of my energy
  • She hates dogs. She actually told her house mates if they got a dog, it would be a deal breaker. No dogs full stop.
This, people, is a deal breaker for me! What kind of person doesn’t like dogs? It’s like meeting someone and them telling,
“Hobbies? Yeah, i guess i like chopping up hookers, but only on the weekend’s, I find it’s great exercise, that chopping motion is a really great workout for my upper arms and i enjoy the work too i guess?”
 Before this love has a chance to blossom, I will have to put the sick puppy to sleep. I mean If i ever have a house one day… (Melbourne housing prices might drop when pigs start flying, but…maybe to Bali?) And the thought of some chick telling me I can’t have a dog…
No way José !! 
 I would rather live with a serial killer than a dog hater! Maybe we could go on a killing rampage somewhere? But only to get an upper body work out.
Is this really all it’s cracked up to be?
And this is what i was thinking last night as I was cruising the back streets of Melbourne, north of the river, on my bicycle – a perfect night, everything was great in the world,
“Do I really need this stress and strain in my life? Sure the sex might be good, if the energy level for this girl got anywhere above 40%?”
Why bother with this one? 
99% of my energy + 1% of hers = Are you out of your mind?
Brain says,”let it go, it would only drive you crazy”, and as you see, I’ve already been crazy, enough for any one person!
I was reading a book recently and it said, 
“One of the best things to do if your angry is to do something incompatible with anger, like playing with a dog.”
 Dogs are some of the nicest people I know too!
He looks a bit stupid, I know, but I still like him!
Since I rent a room and I don’t have a dog, I would like to keep the hope that one day I will and not kill that dream off.
And as Ray Bradbury would say,
 ‘You don’t want a wife coming home to spoil all the chaos!’ 
 Too true Ray, I throw the towel in, I’m out of this race.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Love sick or Puppy Love

  1. Sounds like you two are a perfect couple, even though you are half a world apart, and neither of you realize it!
    “Go overseas…
    “Happy to do your own thing…
    99% Energy +99% energy
    Loves dogs…

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